Monsters in the Orchestra: A Surround Computing VR Experience using AMD tech

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 04, 2014

Monsters in the Orchestra is an interactive and immersive demonstration of surround computing as experienced in a VR environment. Participants are immersed in a stereoscopic world of monsters playing real-world instruments with positional audio and 3D x 360-degree gesture control.

At Siggraph 2014, participants will be immersed in the same experience using virtual reality headsets, such as the new Morpheus VR head-gear from Sony, with 3D spatialized audio delivered to each participant using stereo headphones.




AMD FirePro will host theater demos and presentations at SIGGRAPH 2014

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 30, 2014

The AMD FirePro booth #1023 at SIGGRAPH 2014 will have a live theater demo featuring a number of interesting demos and partners. Stop by the booth to catch any of the presentations. Also while you are there, complete the survey for a chance to win an AMD FirePro W7000!

AMD FirePro SIGGRAPH 2014 Theater Booth Schedule

12-Aug 13-Aug 14-Aug
9:30 AM Video Demo
10:00 AM AMD CodeXL AMD CodeXL AMD CodeXL
10:30 AM Adobe AMD Tools Adobe
11:00 AM The Foundry The Foundry The Foundry
11:30 AM Lumiscaphe Lumiscaphe Lumiscaphe
12:00 PM Autodesk Autodesk Autodesk
12:30 PM Dell Dell OTOY
1:00 PM Autodesk Autodesk Autodesk
1:30 PM Ciintoo 3D Ciintoo 3D SolidAngle
2:00 PM Autodesk Autodesk Video Demo
2:30 PM AMD Tools Adobe
3:00 PM Autodesk Autodesk  
3:30 PM SolidAngle SolidAngle  
4:00 PM HP HP  
5:00 PM Autodesk Autodesk  
5:30 PM Video Demo  

SIGGRAPH 2014 Tech Talk: Mantle and the Next-Gen Renderers For FirePro With Graphic Core Next

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 29, 2014

Everyone thinks of Mantle as a rendering API targeted at 3D video games. But what if Mantle could be used for advanced 3D rendering in the professional CAD, media and scientific markets?

That is what is covered in this tech talk by Richard Huddy:

Mantle provides direct access to the hardware and leads way to the future of rendering. This talk shows how the AMD FirePro GCN cores and their advanced features can be exploited to enhance real-time rendering and compute tasks.

TUESDAY, 12 AUGUST | 9:45 - 10:45 am
WEDNESDAY, 13 AUGUST | 9:45 - 10:45 am



8 AMD FirePro demos coming to SIGGRAPH 2014 in booth #1023

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 29, 2014

AMD FirePro will be at SIGGRAPH 2014 with 8 demos in booth #1023 all running at 4K. While I can't reveal exactly how FirePro will play a role in each demo, I can share the software products and the impact.

  1. Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite - Maximize Your Creative Potential
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, Photoshop) - Supercharged 4K Video Production with OpenCL and AMD FirePro
  3. Chaos Group V-Ray RT - OpenCL Accelerated Real-time 4K Ray Tracing
  4. P3D Design V6.0 - Lumiscaphe Photorealistic Realtime Rendering Solutions
  5. SolidAngle Arnold - Exploring the Cutting Edge: An Arnold GPU Prototype
  6. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve & BOXX - OpenCL Accelerated Real-Time 4K Color Correction
  7. CodeXL & AMD FirePro SDK - Tools for powerful debugging, profiling & analysis

And this is just in the AMD booth! Expect to see scores of demos on the new Mac Pros driven by dual AMD FirePro graphic cards, as well as PCs running on discrete AMD FirePro graphics. It will be a big year at SIGGRAPH!

Take the AMD FirePro booth tour from PTC Live Global

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 22, 2014

Take the booth tour with CADplace as they talk with AMD’s Jon Clark and PTC’s Sandy Smith about AMD FirePro solutions as well as the AMD and PTC partnership – a hardware-software combination that delivers performance and reliability for PTC Creo customers.

The main contents can also be read here.

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155 million textured polygons in ESRI CityEngine favela model driven by AMD FirePro W9100

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 21, 2014

At the ESRI User Conference last week, HP demonstrated the largest commercially available CityEngine dataset - 155 million polygons, fully textured using 300 textures and 350 materials of a favela - running at full HD resolution (1920 X1080) using an HP Z820 workstation equipped with an AMD FirePro W9100.

The favela building and street models were created completely procedurally in CityEngine. Assets and other models were modeled and textured in Maya, Cinema4D and other tools. The final video renderings were done in Maxwell Render.




Tags: Geospatial

Up to 50% off your first AMD FirePro W8100 or W9100

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 21, 2014

If you’ve been drooling over the new AMD FirePro W8100 or W9100 cards, now it the time to take advantage of a 50% off offer on your first card.

Step 1)  Register for an pre-approval code
Step 2)  Find an AMD FirePro approved reseller
Step 2)  Claim your promotional cash back


CityEngine for designing sustainable cities to show at ESRI conference, driven by AMD FirePro W9100

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 09, 2014

The ESRI User Conference opens in 5 days and one of the hot demos there will be sustainable urban planning, architecture, and design using CityEngine which has been certified for the AMD FirePro W9100. 

At booth 1401 at the conference, HP will be showcasing the largest publicly available CityEngine dataset as an example of how to build smart 3D cities in and view every detail in stunning 4K. The fluid, real-time display of these huge data sets with numerous textures will be driven by the W9100s extreme compute performance and 16GB of memory.  The W9100 also enables antialiasing, screen space ambient occlusion and shadows, all across up to 6 displays, each at 4K resolution.


Check out the video below, and then think about this in 4K resolution.  If you are going to the ESRI User Conference, take some pics and send to me!

AMD FirePro at TERATEC 2014 Forum for high performance numerical design and simulation

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 01, 2014

The TERATEC 2014 Forum in France brings together top international experts in high performance numerical design and simulation, focusing on the strategic importance of these technologies to develop industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity.

At the forum the AMD FirePro team was demoing Ultra Workstations with 4 AMD FirePro W8100s, along with Scilab Open Source Software for Numerical Computation and Simulation. Scilab is up to 25X faster using OpenCL acceleration on the AMD FirePro S9150, compared to CPU only.

The SciGPGPU module using OpenCL 2.0 uses AMD FirePro GPUs as a compute engine via ClBLAS and ClFFT.





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Planar Clarity Matrix LCD system driven by AMD FirePro wins Digital Signage ‘InfoComm Best of Show’

Posted by Tony DeYoung on June 30, 2014

The Clarity Matrix LCD 4X4 Video Wall System powered by AMD FirePro is an immersive, flexible video wall. It was named a Digital Signage “InfoComm 2014 Best of Show” award winner.

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