OpenCL University Kit: AMD offers materials to teach a full semester course in OpenCL programming

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 23, 2011

So how do you move open standards along faster? In a word: education.

The OpenCL University Kit introduced by AMD is an easy tool to enable educators to quickly introduce OpenCL learning into their curriculum.

Included in the University Kit is a 13 lecture series, equipped with instructor and speaker notes, as well as code examples where necessary. An advanced understanding of OpenCL is not needed to understand the course materials; students only require a basic knowledge of C/C++ programming. A C/C++ compiler and an OpenCL implementation (such as the AMD APP SDK) are needed to complete the exercises.

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Cloud Computing for graphics gains traction with Microsoft Remote FX using ATI FirePro GPUs

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 23, 2011

AMD today announced support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1), featuring Microsoft RemoteFX with ATI FirePro professional graphics.

Microsoft RemoteFX virtualizes 2D and 3D graphics, enabling multiple remote workers to access nearly any type of application or screen content, including 3D applications, on a broad range of connected remote devices including PCs, thin clients and network monitors.

“Taking advantage of host-side rendering, ATI FirePro professional graphics lets applications on the host computer run at full speed. Combining fast host-side rendering with traditional client-side rendering, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 gives Microsoft VDI customers great deployment flexibility: In a single solution, you get great graphics performance for device-independent remoting, as well as for network-constrained environments.”

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ATI FirePro driver V8.773.1.1 adds support for FirePro mobility graphics on HP and Dell laptops

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 17, 2011

The new ATI FirePro driver V8.773.1.1 available at adds support for FirePro mobility professional graphics on HP and Dell mobile workstations including DirectX11, OpenGL 4, OpenCL and of course ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology. Specific drivers are for:

  • HP EliteBook 8540w w/ ATI FirePro M5800
  • HP EliteBook 8740w w/ ATI FirePro M7820
  • Dell Precision M6400 w/ ATI FirePro M7740
  • Dell Precision M6500 w/ ATI FirePro M7740

Online Panel Discussion Feb 17:  What is an optimum hardware/software configuration for CAD?

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 14, 2011

Experts CAD users join technical experts form SolidWorks, AMD and Dell to discuss how to help you as a CAD user, figure out what you need to do with hardware and software to become more competitive. Basically to do more in less time, and to not get bogged by technical setups and idiosyncrasies. When you get the combination right, the technology becomes invisible and you spend your time (presumably billable) on producing mechanical or engineering designs or presenting those designs to managers or clients in the most compelling way.

This is an actual panel discussion, not a series of canned marketing presentation.  As an attendee you can ask questions about the best setup for your work,  mobile vs desktop, trends in CAD, etc.  Depending on time, these questions will be posed to the panel or answered individually via chat.

Cadalyst is hosting and I’m moderating. I intend to bring questions from readers of this site. So it should be interesting.

Register to attend at

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Barco selects ATI FirePro with Eyefinity for multi-display MRI, CT, Mammography medical imaging

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 08, 2011

Now this is a great example of Eyefinity being used for the professional markets, and not just gaming (although I often do reference CAD and digital signage!).
The new Barco MXRT display controllers driven by ATI FirePro graphic cards allow clinicians to use three displays to view multiple images and corresponding data simultaneously. They can also

Here’s a nice summary from a related blog:

“Radiology professionals working with MRI, CT and Mammography medical imaging systems need multiple displays to review patient information and their images simultaneously, or review several large scans at once. While using more than one display is not a new concept for medical imaging, the ability to drive three large, high resolution 5 or 10 megapixel displays from one professional graphics card is” (i.e. holding the cost down, and keeping the technical issues at a minimum).

Canon 9 meter immersive dome powered by 3 FirePro V8800s synched with S400 on 7thSense servers

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 07, 2011

The Canon dome at ISE 2011 features three 7thSense media servers, each with a FirePro V8800 linked via a FirePro S400 synchronization module, to create a giant 3200 X 3200 blended fisheye movie. Ten Canon projectors create an immersive experience in the dome for the audience with a combined image that measures 9 meters across.

See the first image for how the projectors map and check out the video of the actual presentation.



FirePro V9800 w/ Eyefinity driving a touch-enabled high performance 3D aquarium

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 07, 2011

This demo from the ISE 2011 show in Amsterdam, shows the Lang AG booth with an interactive 6-display video wall driven by an ATI FirePro V9800 with Eyefinity. creating a life-like high performance 3D aquarium. The interactivity (touch the screen and fish sense you and move to you like real fish) is enabled by radarTouch and a little AI program. The images looks compellingly real.  The smal 6.5mm l bezel on the Sharp PN-V601 displays help complete the illusion. 

For applications beyond an Aquarium, think about the company (Lang) showing it:  Digital Signage.

FirepPro Remote Graphics CAD Cloud Computing demo in SolidWorks 2011

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 01, 2011

This live demo from SolidWorks World 2011 shows manipulating a complex 17,000,000 triangle model in SolidWorks 2011 on a WYSE thin client. The remote Dell workstation host machine sports an ATI FirePro RG220 graphics card

In other words, it is a demo of CAD cloud computing - including support for DX11 & OpenGL 4.1.

This card uses display compression and IP transmission. It compresses dual-display graphic data at the host and outputs it over a regular IP network to a remote thin client device.  Also of note: it offers direct support for multiple virtual machines with multiple FirePro RG220 cards from a single system (i.e. running VMware or Parallels workstation). 

AMD FirePro 2270 low-profile for financial markets and ATI FirePro V5800 DVI for medical displays

Posted by Tony DeYoung on January 31, 2011

The new $149 AMD FirePro 2270 is a low-profile,  fan-less, energy efficient (15 watts max, 10 watts average), dual-display graphics card targeting financial and corporate markets. It supports OpenGL 4.1 and DX11.

The new $469 ATI FirePro V5800 is a CAD/visualization solution w/ 1GB GDDR5 memory that can drive two high-resolution 30-bit 5MP medical displays using dual link DVI.  It supports OpenGL 4.1, DX11 and OpenCL 1.1.

SolidWorks World 2011 Presentation: Boosting design productivity with ATI Eyefinity & FirePro

Posted by Tony DeYoung on January 28, 2011

At SolidWorks World 2011, Allen Bourgoyne, AMD’s FirePro graphics guru discusses the difference between consumer vs professional graphics (including some side-by-side comparisons), remote graphics for SolidWorks (i.e. cloud computing) and using multi-display technologies in SolidWorks, and . If you couldn’t attend the show, this is a video capture of his full 30 min presentation.  It as captured from the side and form a distance, so make sure your volume is turned up and you are in a quiet space.

Below is a shot of AMD’s booth in the Partner Pavillion.


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