Frank Gehry video on using 3D CAD and CATIA for innovative architecture

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 08, 2010

Eighty-one-year-old Frank Gehry is a legend in architecture.  This video talks about using 3D CAD and Dassault Systèmes CATIA in particular, to do things that architects traditionally couldn’t.

The video is worth watching, even if just to see the Gehry work and to understand how 3D CAD really changes how architects can take more control and deliver better work, in less time at lower cost.

AMD is a major Dassault Systèmes technology partner and a preferred hardware solution provider in the the DS PLM MarketPlace, helping architects and technical designers to render models at maximum GPU performance levels.

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FirePro V8800 and 6-core AMD Opteron used to produce ‘Machete’ on a compressed time schedule

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 02, 2010

TroubleMaker Studios is up to it again, using the AMD FirePro V8800 and 6-core Opterons for post-production on the the upcoming film “Machete” on a compressed schedule. A team of ten artists accomplished 500 final shots in just six months.

From Tom’s Hardware:

Shots from three different digital camera models, one film camera, camera tracking work using PFTrack, 3D special effects work using Softimage, and compositing work using Nuke, all came together through AMD hardware.

Such added effects include extensive set damage, a huge number of bullet holes, and wide-ranging set extensions. AMD hardware also played a part in sophisticated particle simulations helped more accurately render realistic blood spatters that interact with each other, the actors and objects in the environment.

See the Machete trailer below:

ATI Eyefinity ecosystem grows with inexpensive ($30) Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI adapters

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 31, 2010

AMD announced that several technology partners will be releasing Eyefinity-validated DisplayPort to DVI adapters.

“The availability of the inexpensive Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter, with a suggested retail price of $30 US, expands the ATI Eyefinity ecosystem to include the massive number of LCD monitors with DVI connectors and resolutions up to 1920 x1200. This encompasses the vast majority of monitors sold today, with many models available for well under $200 each. Now, ATI Eyefinity multi-monitor solutions are within reach of virtually everyone, from die-hard gaming enthusiasts to individuals wanting more screen real estate to improve workflow.”

First up: Accell’s UltraAV Active DisplayPort to DVI Single-Link adapter and UltraAV Active Mini DisplayPort to DVI Single-Link adapter. The adapters are ATI Eyefinity Multi-Display validated and support multiple independent display outputs simultaneously, enabling a panoramic visual environment when used with a FirePro or Radeon graphics card. The adapters are available now and have an MSRP of $29.99.

Related: I am not a huge gamer, but for those of you who are, and if you haven’t seen Eyefinity in person, check out the Eyefinity simulator tool to see how Eyefinity really does transform the experience of gaming.  Personally I’d love to see the same simulator tool for professional CAD examples - I’ve seen these kinds of demos at trade shows and the mutli-display thing is impressive to say the least.

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Virtual crash test simulations using FirePro V8800 and Altair HyperWorks

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 30, 2010

Maybe it is a stereotypical guy thing, but how could you not enjoy watching these virtual crash test simulations!

In these two videos Altair Engineering uses the new ATI FirePro V8800 with HyperWorks to simulate virtual crash tests of this Ford Explorer & Taurus in near real-time. The frontal crash simulation vehicles have millions of polygons so this is impressive technically as well as visually!

HyperWorks has been in the HPC news recently for achieving processing breakthroughs to for industries like car companies,  developing products that require complex virtual prototype testing to address and improve crashworthiness, consumer safety, reliability and quality.

Altair HyperWorks was also recently optimized and certified for use with the FirePro line.

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New AMD FirePro graphics certified application partners: Altair Engineering and SpaceClaim

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 30, 2010

The certification of FirePro accelerators by software application vendors assures professional engineers, designers and animators that the FirePro line delivers a stable and high performance workstation graphics environment on both Windows and Linux platforms. Certification is one of the big differences between consumer and professional graphics cards. (see video).

Altair Engineering and SpaceClaim are the two latest application ISVs to be certified for the FirePro line

  • Altair Engineering is one of the key strategic players in engineering simulation CAE and HPC space – they are part of all workflows in the major automotive OEMs in the 3 regions.
  • SpaceClaim leads the 3D Direct Modeling market by delivering break-through product and technology. The founder of SpaceClaim is the father of Pro/E and SolidWorks: Michael Payne. ANSYS just selected SpaceClaim as their front end modeler.
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Intro to Remote Graphics - video explaining the ATI FirePro RG220 card for PC-over-IP (PCoIP)

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 27, 2010

The ATI FirePro RG220 graphics card is an integrated graphics card that includes display compression and IP transmission. It compresses dual-display graphic data at the host and outputs it over a regular IP network to a remote thin client device.

If you listen past the marketing hype, this video is actually pretty informative, describing how the card works, where it fits in, and who it will benefit. It’s a real cloud computing solution to offer serious graphics power to “thin clients”. Think small, quiet, cool, and secure. Wonder if I could use this for serious graphics on my iPad?

Are you an 3D star living in Italy? Showcase you talent to win an ATI FirePro card

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 24, 2010

Just saw this in my RSS feed from Vizworld. If you’re a designer, recent graduate, student or talented young gun in Italy, now is your chance to shine and bring your work to a wider audience. To enter the Autodesk-sponsored contest post a link to your 3D visualization or design visualization showreel in any format, along with a description under 140 characters as to why you think you’re the hottest design visualization talent around.

The grand prize winner receives a high-end ATI FirePro graphics card with the two runners up receiving mid-range FirePro cards. The contest will run from September 1st to October 1st.

New ATI FirePro card & ATI FirePro RG220 remote workstation graphics to show at IBC

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 19, 2010

AMD will give a first-look at it's latest high end graphics card (all we know is it "will expand on the FirePro V8800") at IBC (Hall 7, J30). In addition they will show the FirePro RG220 Remote Workstation Graphics card (think low-power and energy efficiency for cloud computing graphics).

FirePro technology will be shown in partner demos including with VizRT, StudioGPU, Ventuz, MainConcept, Dell, HP, Barco, The Foundry, and Planar. Highlights include:

  • HP and Dell - workstations will be available to view on the stand, including AMD support for 30-bit colour in Adobe Photoshop with the HP Dream Color monitor
  • VizRT showcasing its broadcast graphics solutions with a 12-screen video wall demo
  • StudioGPU showcasing its MachStudio Pro (version 2?) real-time 3D graphics solution

Rendering dense Formula One Racing CAD assembly files using the ATI FirePro V8800 & Eyefinity

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 19, 2010

Cosworth has more than 40 years of experience supplying engines to Formula 1, and currently works alongside four independent teams in the 2010 FIA Formula One Championship. It is critical to Cosworth’s communications strategy that they have high-quality visualizations of the engines and high-performance electronics that it supplies. These enable Cosworth engineers, customers and fans to see the complex designs in a visually clear and accurate way.

Check out the video which clearly spells out the what and why of the ATI FirePro and Eyefinity choice.

Dell also features a Case Study since these were Dell Workstations!

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ATI Stream v2.2 SDK brings full OpenCL 1.1 support using both CPU and GPU

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 12, 2010

AMD announced the release of the ATI Stream v2.2 SDK with full OpenCL 1.1 support using both CPU and GPU.  The new SDK release also delivers expanded support for operating systems, compilers, and additional hardware.

The interesting non-technical parts from the official press release: “Availability of the ATI Stream SDK v2.2 with OpenCL 1.1 support is a great example of how CPU and GPU technology continues to mature and usher in next-generation computing experiences, where voice, touch, gesture and facial recognition capabilities are common, everyday features,” said Patricia Harrell, director of Stream Computing, AMD. “The enhancements in the ATI Stream SDK v2.2 are especially important due to the support for OpenCL 1.1, which is integral to the forthcoming AMD Fusion family of APUs. These tools allow the developer community to take advantage of heterogeneous computing architectures both today and tomorrow.”

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