A laptop GPU with a 1GB framebuffer - the ATI FirePro M7740 for mobile workstations on Dell.com

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 04, 2009

new FirePro M7740 workstation accelerator for laptopsI’m still trying to suss out a bit more information, but I saw a press release and a blog by AMD’s Janet Matsuda talking about the new FirePro M7740 workstation accelerator for laptops - specifically the Dell Precision M6400 Mobile Workstation.

The quote that got me excited: “The Dell Precision M6400 utilizes the ATI FirePro M7740’s powerful GPU and 1GB frame buffer, to help accelerate software applications and improve productivity, while giving professionals the assurance of superior reliability that comes with having certified drivers and professional-grade ATI FirePro hardware.”

Updated Aug 5 with more details:  The FirePro M7740 features 1GB of GDDR5 RAM, a 128-bit memory interface, , a dual-link DVI output and a 30-bit Display Port, 800 unified shaders and support for DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 3.1 and Shader Model 4.1.

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