AMD and SolidWorks launch “reset your preconceptions” test program

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 16, 2009

For over a year now AMD's FireGL/FirePro team have been letting the professional 3D CAD and DCC users know that their new line of cards and drivers have undergone significant transformations with regard to quality, price and performance.

AMD and SolidWorks launch 'reset your preconceptions' test programThere are still some old preconceptions out there and the fight against past momentum continues. The FirePro team is taking the unusual step of working with a leading 3D CAD vendor - SolidWorks, and sending out workstations with FirePro accelerators to some of their more prominent users/bloggers. The users can evaluate the new cards in their own SolidWorks 2009 workflows relative to any other 3D graphics accelerators they have used.

No marketing spin, no "official" benchmarks to run, no pre-conditions for use. Just try out the card and use it in a way similar to how he or she would work normally. Then share their experience - be it good, bad, or indifferent.

The program will run for several months with 8 individuals in the SolidWorks community.

The first two SolidWorks gurus have already finished up their two weeks real-world use. You can read their evaluations here:

What I find compelling about this program is that the FirePro team is willing to put their cards on the line with real users in real workflows. They are also using this as an opportunity to actively gather feedback on any problems and improve further where necessary. Wish this kind of transparency was coming from every hardware company!

I will keep updating as I come across more posts from these SolidWorks users who are participating in this programs.


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