AMD FirePro at Dassault 3D Experience Forum Europe 2012 - Eyefinity, FirePro APU, Remote Graphics

Posted by Tony DeYoung on December 27, 2012

Video from CADplace recorded at Dassault's 3D Experience Forum Europe 2012 demoing the AMD FirePro W series with a 3 display Eyefinity configuration in portrait mode for a very high-resolution workspace that is more compact than a landscape setup.

There are also clips of:

  • Technology demonstration of a Windows 8 tablet running an AMD FirePro version of an AMD APU
  • Remote graphics workstation demo using a passively cooled FirePro W7000 on a Fujitsu Celsius C620 1U server-based workstation

The new FirePro W Series is especially relevant to Dassault's 3D Experience vision - supporting both GPU-computing and GPU rendering simultaneously. (Other graphics solutions can only do one task or the other. The W series can execute these tasks in parallel).

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Basically AMD showed really productive graphics solutions at the 3DExperience Forum in Brussels - desktop, datacenter, mobility. A couple of key points in my mind : The W series does graphics and compute simultaneously - excellent! The Eyefinity solution I've seen so many times, it is easy to forget how much more productive it is. The tablet tech demo was running professional, OpenGL applications - on a tablet... What more to say? The remote graphics solution makes more and more sense for certain customers - either from an ergonomics & IT maintenance/resource perspective, or from a security perspective ... or both. The FirePro guys also have some excellent ISV optimizations, but that is a different topic!
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