AMD FirePro collaborates w/ Siemens PLM to implement VBO and deliver 5X speed up in Femap 11

Posted by Tony DeYoung on March 04, 2013

The need to simulate and accurately visualize 3D geometry is fundamental to the success and efficiency of finite element modeling and postprocessing regardless of project or CAE data complexity. Users want to be able to zoom, spin and rotate a model in a Pre Processor to enable fast visualization of complex geometry, mesh and analysis attributes.

Siemens PLM worked with AMD FirePro to implement VBO’s (Vertex Buffer Objects) in Femap 11 CAE software for product development, simulation and analysis.  With the new VBO technology implementation, dynamic rotation of large, complex models is at least five times faster than the previous version when running on the AMD FirePro W5000 and W7000.

“The extensive collaboration between the Femap software development team at Siemens PLM Software & AMD and the use of VBO’s (vertex buffer objects) running on the AMD FirePro W5000 and W7000 graphic cards has resulted in exceptional Femap 11 software performance. This has resulted in superior levels of real time visualization.  We have been able to thoroughly test and certify graphics cards from all the hardware manufacturers that supported the Femap 11 development effort including the AMD FirePro graphics cards, and the results more than live up to our high expectations,” says Al Robertson, Femap Product Marketing Manager for Siemens PLM Software.

The Femap development team used large test models including an array of Boeing ISS Laboratory Module ‘components’ (see image for this post). The model has 4.5 million nodes and elements together with a large number of physical and material properties. Using this real-world model with its inherent complexity, a speed up of eight times was found in dynamic rotation performance between Femap v11 and V10.3.

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