AMD FirePro R5000 brings more powerful GPU, more memory and higher-res display to remote graphics

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 25, 2013

The new PCoIP AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics card allow users to work on graphic-intensive workloads on their local machine, across multiple displays, while the actual data stays securely on the server. It’s AMD’s second generation remote graphics product, offering significantly more performance than the RG220 it displaces. If offers
unmatched application responsiveness over IP for professionals working with complex models, large data sets, high resolution imagery or video - on par with desktop workstations.

The FirePro R5000 card is a single-slot FH/FL (11.5”) actively cooled, low power card that combines a FirePro W5000-class GPU with a Teradici hardware-based PCoIP host processor that on-the-fly compresses the video from the GPU, supports USB and HD audio bridging, and then encrypts and transmits these over the IP network. The remote user connects through a gigabit ethernet port or wirelessly.  The Eyefinity capable card is capable of supporting up to four 1920x12090 displays or two 2560X1600 displays.

The goal of the R5000 remote computing solution is to provides robust, secure and manageable systems for employees working in engineering, design, animation, financial services or medical imaging. 

See AMD press release for more details.


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