AMD FirePro W5000 vs Nvidia Q2000 in Solidworks 2013 using a car model to do 5 basic tests

Posted by Tony DeYoung on June 14, 2013

Saphire Professional Graphics ran a performance comparison of the AMD FirePro W5000 vs Nvidia Quadro 2000 in SolidWorks 2013 across rendering modes: Shaded, Shaded with Edges, Shaded + RealView, Shaded with Edges + RealView and Shadow, Shaded RealView + Shadow.  The video is annotated with each phase of the test.

Quick Summary: the AMD FirePro W5000 took 1min and 38 seconds. The Nvidia Q2000 took about 3 mins, almost 1.8X times compared to the FirePro W5000.


Why is this comparison using a previous generation Quadro card? Seems like the most appropriate comparison would be against a Quadro K2000.
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