ATI FirePro driver v8.702 boosts CAD application performance up to 20% - adds blue-line stereo 3D

Posted by Tony DeYoung on March 12, 2010

Over the past year many CAD and 3D sites have noted how the FirePro team has made significant strides in price/performance for the FirePro professional graphics accelerators.

A few years back the limiting factor was the software drivers. The FirePro team got the message loud and clear and have been focused heavily on producing robust, stable high-performance drivers for their FirePro line.

The latest v8.702 driver release is the culmination of much of this effort. The new driver announced today boosts application performance across the board with some notable standouts: CATIA by more than 25% and 3ds Max & PTC Pro/Engineer by more than 20%!

I got my hands on some unofficial side-by-side SPECviewperf tests comparing the FirePro V7750 on the old and new drivers. You can see the results below.

ATI FirePro V7750 performance using driver v8.702 vs v8.603
Viewperf 10 test v8.603 v8.702 % improvement
3dsmax-04 58.08 74.36 28.03%
catia-02 55.66 73.81 32.61%
ensight-03 48.25 51.68 7.11%
maya-02 224.48 237.04 5.60%
proe-04 56.27 74.74 32.82%
sw-02 116.69 128.13 9.80%
tcvis-01 39.31 45.76 16.41%
ugnx-01 54.95 55.30 0.64%
Viewperf Composite 68.71 79.71 16.01%

The new drivers not only boost application performance but also feature:

  • Blue-line stereo 3D - In addition to current support of numerous active, passive and autostereoscopic displays, the new driver provides blue-line stereo support for synchronizing 3D glasses. This new mode enables stereo on any ATI FirePro graphics accelerator, without the need for the stereo synchronization connector currently available on select accelerators.
  • 10-bit color for PhotoShop - Photoshop users now have the ability to render images with 10-bit per component color, ensuring an exact representation of colors between Photoshop CS4 and their 10-bit display, as well as the ability to maintain an end-to-end 10-bit color workflow in real-time.
  • DisplayPort audio - Support for 5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS surround sound as well as 8-channel and 2-channel uncompressed audio over the display port connector
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