ATI FirePro V8800 brings ulta-high performance, DX11, OpenGL 3,4 & Eyefinty to workstation graphics

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 06, 2010

Ever since the Radeon 5XXX series I've been eagerly waiting for the FirePro professional cards that are based on the Cypress architecture. The , announced today does not disappoint. It clearly takes the crown as the most powerful workstation graphics card on the market. Here's the gist:

  • 1600 stream processors for more than double the computational power of the V8750
  • 2GB of ultra high speed GDDR5 memory
  • Full 30-bit display pipeline (essential for medical imaging, pro video and photo editing)
  • Four DisplayPort outputs driven by ATI Eyefinity technology giving the option of a multi-monitor desktop of over 10,000 pixels wide; driving a 4K projector; delivering combinations of portrait and landscape orientations; driving virtual prototyping and curved "surround view" video walls.
  • Native CrossFire Pro multi-card support
  • OpenCL support!
  • Hardware tessellation
  • Stereo3D support
  • Windows and Linux drivers
  • Certified for leading CAD and DCC apps (i.e. guaranteed reliability)

Check out the FirePro V8800 web page and data sheet for complete specs.

One last note: At $1499 ($300 less than the FirePro v8750!) I want to point out that this is a really competitive price for high-end workstation graphics.

I haven't yet seen any actual performance specs, but I really want to see how this performs for Autodesk products, CATIA, and MachStudio Pro, in particular with the recently released v8.702 or better drivers. If anyone has any test results, please drop a comment.

Update: 04/07/10 - Performance reviews are already coming in from HotHardware and most notably 3DProfessor. General consensus is: performance at a completely new level.
Also worth noting are two PDF case studies for the V8800 used in Broadcast 3D CG and CAD visualization


Has anyone tested and posted results with MachStudio Pro using the 8800?. I see the press release quote from them, but no numeric results.
You didn't comment on the power consumption and noise. Power usage is well in line for the performance you get with this card. Hot Hardware tested 20% less power at idle than the 8750 but about 2% more at load. It remained "cool and quiet throughout testing" unlike the 8750. I wonder how Fermi will compare here.
Have any of the reviews or AMD reported on CrossFire scaling on the FirePro 8800?
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