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New aggressive pricing for AMD FirePro W series GPUs - up to 50% reductions

Posted by Tony DeYoung on December 09, 2014

Develop3D scooped the news that AMD has cut the price of its FirePro W-Series GPUs, the most dramatic being the high-end FirePro W8100, which will be available for $1,249 (half of original MSRP), and the FirePro W5100 for $399 (half the price of Nvidia’s Quadro K2200).

Prices reductions below (MSRP)

- AMD FirePro W8100 (8GB) - $1,249
- AMD FirePro W7100 (8GB) - $799
- AMD FirePro W5100 (4GB) - $399
- AMD FirePro W4100 (2GB) - $179
- AMD FirePro W2100 (2GB) - $139 / £86

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ASUS ESC8000 G3 server can hold up to 8 AMD FirePro 9150 S-Series GPUs

Posted by Tony DeYoung on November 15, 2014

The new ASUS ESC8000 G3 is a 3U rack mount server solution with up to 8 AMD FirePro S9150 server GPUs.
Download the AMD FirePro and ASUS ESC8000 G3 data sheet for full specs.
Learn more about HPC in the Data Center accelerated by OpenCL on AMD FirePro S-Series Server GPUs.



Barco Coronis Uniti - 1 display for both PACS and mammography - powered by AMD FirePro W7000

Posted by Tony DeYoung on October 16, 2014

66% of radiologists want to see colors and grays on the same screen, with 84% of US radiologists reading both digital mammography and color PACS. Barco decided it was time to unify the workflow.  The new Barco Coronis Uniti is the world’s only display explicitly designed for PACS and breast imaging. 

The display is powered by the AMD FirePro W7000 to render rich content, while enabling fast-paced, dynamic and 3D medical imaging. This means the 12MP display display can deliver CT moving images, ultrasound, MRI/PET scans, multi-frame mammography, and digital breast tomosynthesis.  The Coronis Uniti display is also calibrated to meet the DICOM standard for grayscales, and to guarantee consistent, perceptually linear color. AMD has been Barco’s exclusive partner in medical imaging for more than 10 years!

Checkout the screen shots and the video below and see why people in medical imaging are so excited.



HP expands its AMD FirePro graphics footprint to 5 tower and 3 mobile workstations

Posted by Tony DeYoung on October 08, 2014

In September and October of this year, HP has greatly expanded its AMD FirePro graphics footprint offering 3 mobile and 5 tower configurations using FirePro graphics (in 2013 there was 1 mobile and 2 towers configurations).

The new HP Z840, Z640 and Z440 desktop workstations now include AMD FirePro W2100, W5100 and W7100 GPUs (multi-display 4K capability, high compute performance, OpenCL 2 support and PCIe 3.0). The HP ZBook 15 G2 and 17 G2 mobile workstations feature AMD FirePro M5100 and M6100 mobile GPUs (4K display support, optimized drivers, power management). Check out the models and specs below.


HP Z440, HP Z640 & HP 7840

HP Z230 Tower & HP Z230SFF




AMD FirePro Mobile Graphics Overview

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AMD FirePro S9100 GPU - hi-performance HPC for budget conscious projects

Posted by Tony DeYoung on October 02, 2014

Not too long ago AMD announced the top-of-line AMD FirePro S9150, the most powerful server GPU ever built for High Performance Computing (HPC). This 16GB card with 2.53 TFLOPs of peak double precision performance is ideal for the most compute intensive workloads that demand ultimate performance.

The new AMD FirePro S9100 server GPU is for more budget conscious deployments that still need equally exceptional performance for HPC. The 12GB FirePro S9100 delivers 2.11 TFLOPS peak double-precision and up to 9.4 GFLOPS per watt TDP double-precision performance. Like its big brother, it passively cooled for use in data centers and is fully equipped to handle supercomputing-caliber tasks with tremendous efficiency.

Read more about the AMD FirePro S9100 and check the product page for specs.

AMD completes its next generation family of workstation GPUs - FirePro W2100, W4100, W5100, W7100

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 12, 2014

The next generation AMD FirePro workstation graphics family brings at least 2x more memory, multidisplay 4K leadership, high compute performance, next generation API support and PCIe 3.0 support:

  • With 16GB GDDR5 memory and the ability to support up to six 4K displays, AMD FirePro W9100 professional graphics is AMD's most advanced professional graphics solution available offering the ideal single-GPU solution for the next generation of ultrahigh-resolution visualization environments
  • AMD FirePro W8100 professional graphics feature 8GB of GDDR5 memory and packs up to 4.2 TFLOPS of compute power to accelerate projects beyond just graphics
  • An engineering and Media & Entertainment multimedia powerhouse, the 8GB AMD FirePro W7100 professional graphics is designed to boost performance and support for 4K content, including video playback, editing and transcoding
  • With 4GB of GDDR5 memory and four display outputs on the AMD FirePro W5100 graphics, users can tackle complex models, assemblies, data sets and advanced visual effects with ease
  • In a class of its own, AMD FirePro W4100 graphics, including four-display support, is the ideal choice for users who need a performance boost to address their evolving workflows
  • Next generation professional graphics start with AMD FirePro W2100 graphics, delivering optimized and certified professional application performance that consumer graphics lack

At-a-glance overview of the newly announced cards.


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AMD FirePro W8100 combines 3D graphics with compute in one card

Posted by Tony DeYoung on June 23, 2014

AMD has unveiled the FirePro W8100 8GB GPU for high-end CAD/CAM/CAE.


The W8100 can compute a complex ray trace rendering or FEA simulation on one screen and still be fully responsive as you manipulate your 3D CAD model on the same display or across up to three other 4k display. The card is priced at $2,495. Full specs in the W8100 Datasheet PDF.

Along with the W9100, the W8100 will also be a part of AMD’s Ultra Workstation initiative.

Benchmarks in graphics and compute compared to the similarly priced Nvidia Quadro K5000 are below.


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Visual Cloud and Remote Compute previewed at Computex 2014 w/ AMD FirePro S4000X and FirePro S9150

Posted by Tony DeYoung on June 04, 2014

Yesterday at Computex 2014 AMD previewed two new FirePro server cards.  The AMD FirePro S9150 geared towards ‘Compute in the Cloud’ applications using STREAM technology API and the FirePro S4000X targeting the ‘Visual Cloud’ using SKY technology API.

The S4000X is a new mid-range MXM module for blade servers. It will be available for purchase from HP in a ProLiant blade, and from Amulet Hotkley, a system integrator who will offer it in blade servers from Dell. No official details on the S9150.

AMD FirePro S4000X - Powerful mid-range graphics performance for blade servers
·      Enables remote workstation and virtual desktops with GPU accelerated graphics
·      Type A MXM form factor
·      2GB GDDR5 memory
·      640 GCN Stream Processors
·      992 GFLOPs peak single and 62 GFLOPS peak double precision floating point performance
·      45W maximum power consumption
·      Only available in blade server solutions from HP and Amulet Hotkey






Devil Ears at NAB help create awareness for Silverdraft Ultra Workstation with AMD FirePro W9100

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 09, 2014

If you are at NAB 2014 you might have noticed a lot of people running around with Devil ears. This is a campaign to create awareness for the Devil Supercomputer, a Silverdraft Ultra Workstation with up to 4 AMD FirePro W9100 GPUs, 896 GB RAM, 6.4 TB SSD and 56MB InfiniBand connect.

Show attendees vist the Silverdraft booth OE1358 and grab a pair of Devil ears. They then go to the AMD FirePro booth to pose for a picture.  They tweet or Facebook that picture with hashtags #AMDFirePro #Silverdraft and #NABShow. Each posting/tweet gets earns then a raffle ticket for a cool prize.





FirePro W9100 + Davinci Resolve + Fusion-io + LumaForge: worlds fastest 4K video workstation at NAB

Posted by Tony DeYoung on March 31, 2014

At the NAB AMD Firepro booth (SL10405), LumaForge will be demonstrating an ‘ULTRA RAWpower’ finishing workstation that integrates Blackmagic Design’s 4K video input and output breakout boxes, DaVinci Resolve color correction system, low latency Fusion-io ioFX memory tier and the AMD FirePro W9100 for the delivery and processing of multiple streams of 4K Ultra HD video.  The new workstation is easily able to handle the 2400 MB/s data throughput required for processing 4K 10bit DPX files at 23.98 frames per second. 

CEO of LumaForge, Neil Smith:  “At NAB 2014, the M&E industry will take the 4K wave to the next level of adoption and deployment. To meet the demanding requirements of 4K acquisition, processing and delivery, LumaForge will demonstrate the ‘ULTRA RAWpower’ digital creation and finishing workstation. At the core of this high-performance 4K video engine is the OpenCL-enabled FirePro W9100. The advanced AMD FirePro technology was the obvious choice when we were designing the best-in-breed 4K DaVinci Resolve finishing workstation.”




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