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Monsters in the Orchestra: A Surround Computing VR Experience using AMD tech

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 04, 2014

Monsters in the Orchestra is an interactive and immersive demonstration of surround computing as experienced in a VR environment. Participants are immersed in a stereoscopic world of monsters playing real-world instruments with positional audio and 3D x 360-degree gesture control.

At Siggraph 2014, participants will be immersed in the same experience using virtual reality headsets, such as the new Morpheus VR head-gear from Sony, with 3D spatialized audio delivered to each participant using stereo headphones.




Up to 50% off your first AMD FirePro W8100 or W9100

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 21, 2014

If you’ve been drooling over the new AMD FirePro W8100 or W9100 cards, now it the time to take advantage of a 50% off offer on your first card.

Step 1)  Register for an pre-approval code
Step 2)  Find an AMD FirePro approved reseller
Step 2)  Claim your promotional cash back


CityEngine for designing sustainable cities to show at ESRI conference, driven by AMD FirePro W9100

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 09, 2014

The ESRI User Conference opens in 5 days and one of the hot demos there will be sustainable urban planning, architecture, and design using CityEngine which has been certified for the AMD FirePro W9100. 

At booth 1401 at the conference, HP will be showcasing the largest publicly available CityEngine dataset as an example of how to build smart 3D cities in and view every detail in stunning 4K. The fluid, real-time display of these huge data sets with numerous textures will be driven by the W9100s extreme compute performance and 16GB of memory.  The W9100 also enables antialiasing, screen space ambient occlusion and shadows, all across up to 6 displays, each at 4K resolution.


Check out the video below, and then think about this in 4K resolution.  If you are going to the ESRI User Conference, take some pics and send to me!

iWall uses 12 4K display for interactive video wall driven by 2 FirePro W9000s + S400 sync module

Posted by Tony DeYoung on June 25, 2014

At this year’s InfoComm 2014, the MultiTaction iWall commanded center stage.  The iWall is a 16’ by 9’ interactive video wall solution consisting of 12 4K displays driven by 2 AMD FirePro W9000 GPU and the FirePro S400 Sync module.  This video from InfoComm shows Hannu Anttila,  MultiTaction VP, showing it in action.

Enriched Reality Air Hockey using MultiTaction, Red Bull and AMD FirePro W7000

Posted by Tony DeYoung on June 24, 2014

At InfoComm 2014, MultiTaction was showing a 55”  Enriched Reality air hockey table driven by an AMD FirePro W7000. Touch was disabled and the only things that the game reacted to were air hockey paddles and Red Bull cans which acted as bumpers. Enriched Reality technology tracks the exact size of an object and can distinguish basic geometric shapes such as circles, rectangles or cans of Red Bull.

Check out the video to see it in action.


‘Best of’ video from Da Vinci Contest brings strange machines to 3D virtual life

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 07, 2014

This video shows some of the winning entries from the Da Vinci 3D Competition organized by Dassault Systèmes, Chateau du Clos Lucé, Scala Archives, AMD FirePro and HP.

Leonardo Da Vinci designed flying machines, helicopters, lens grinding machines, hydraulic machines and many advanced weapons. Even though most of these were visionary creations, some would not actually function if they had been built. By complimenting Da Vinci’s vision with modern software and hardware tools, contest entrants could bring these strange machines to virtual life and simulate their behavior!

This video illustrates the best 3D models of the contest.

Sochi Winter Olympics medal count display wall powered by AMD FirePro + Ventuz + Dancers

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 30, 2014

The medal count at the Winter Olympics is a highlight of the daily events. At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the medal count combined a live data feed with dynamic real-time content and a live dance performance with up to sixty dancers on five floor levels in front of the LED.

Luxoom in cooperation with Avantgarde, used an AMD FirePro W5000 to design the graphics for the event using Ventuz software. The 3-times-daily, real-time play out used multiple AMD FirePro synched with an S400 to drive a 540 square meter LCD wall! Check out the video - this is impressive.

When not in use for medal counts, the giant multi-display screen displayed the names of medal-winning athletes, live tickers and facebook comments.


Winner of the Da Vinci 3D Competition designs 3D Flying Pack; wins HP ZBook w/ AMD FirePro graphics

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 29, 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci had a real passion for complex machine concepts.  During his life back in the Italian Renaissance (1452 – 1519)  he designed flying machines, helicopters, lens grinding machines, hydraulic machines and many advanced weapons. The Da Vinci 3D Competition was intended to bring these strange machine design to virtual life and simulate their behavior!

Thibault Waltzer, a student at UTBM, Montbéliard France, specializing in mechanical engineering, ergonomics and design was voted as the 1st place winner.  He will take home an HP ZBook 14 with AMD FirePro M graphics. The second and third place winners will receive an AMD FirePro W7000 and AMD FirePro W5000, respectively.

Thibault combined together 2 Da Vinci concepts: the Helix system with the Flying Machine, in order to create the “Flying Pack”.  Not only did he reconstruct the original manuscripts drawings in 3D, but he also invented a new machine and designed it!

Interactive holographic presentation of Shell products using AMD FirePro W9000 + Ventuz

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 25, 2014

Everyone is fascinated and immersed by holograms. Russian agency Inty took advantage of this to create an interactive, animated holographic presentation for Shell to present their product line to Russian distributors and partners.

An AMD FirePro W9000 drove a Panasonic 20K lm projector and lighting to create a 6 x 3.4 meters image on a Freeformat holographic screen by Vizoo. Foreground, middle and background lighting merge together to create a realistic holographic-type image. Ventuz software combined with radarTouch was used to create the multi-touch interactivity.

What if you could get the power of the new AMD FirePro W9100 at half the price?

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 21, 2014

Everyone is excited about the AMD FirePro W9100. Everyone wants one. The only caveat I have seen is the price ($3,999 list).

Jon Peddie Research ended their review saying:  The bottom line is this: if price is one of your major criteria, this isn’t a card to consider. But if you’re a high-demand user dealing with large, complex datasets, supporting projects with huge dollars in the balance, you’ll want to take a long, hard look at the FirePro W9100.

So what is you could get the AMD FirePro W9100 for half the price?
Well from now until July 18th 2014, you can via the “Experience AMD FIrePro” Promotion. It’s pretty simple:  Get a pre-approval code, buy a card, complete the cashback claim form.The cashback amount is equal to 50% of the purchase price, excluding taxes up to $1,995.

If you are in the US or Canda, this promotion is available at http://www.fireprographics.com/experience/us.

If you are in the EU or UK, this promotion is available at http://www.fireprographics.com/experience/uk.


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