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Video: AMD FirePro 2014 year in review

Posted by Tony DeYoung on January 06, 2015

We’ve edited together highlights from some of the videos and pics posted on FireUser.com in 2014.  The chronological video covers events, announcements and third party support from around the globe.

It’s not a corporate, pro-quality production, but it is a fun way to see a lot of what has gone on during the past year.  Now just imagine what is to come in 2015!

2014 Festival of Lights projection mapping in Lyon France driven by AMD FirePro

Posted by Tony DeYoung on December 09, 2014

Every year at this time, the Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières) is on display in the city of Lyon, France. For the 2014 season, the ante has been upped!  5 HD videos are projected on the facade of the Lyon City Hall building and the Museum of Fine Arts art that enclose the Place des Terreaux. The system uses 26000 lumens Barco projectors, each covering about 35 m² of building. The projectors are driven by Modulo Pi media servers each equipped with an AMD FirePro W7000.

It worth sitting through the ad to watch the first video to see the projections and how they are mapped (you don’t need to understand the French narrative).


Lyon Subway Tunnel

Lyon also has a permanent lighting exhibit driven by FirePro graphics in the la Croix Rousse subway tunnel.  72 projectors driven by driven by 26 AMD FirePro W7000 drive an ever changing display as you can seein the pics below.





Size Matters: Times Square digital billboard powered by 3 AMD FirePro GPUs spans a city block

Posted by Tony DeYoung on November 17, 2014

The new Times Square digital billboard stands 8 stories tall and spans a full city block (100 meters),  wrapping around the front of the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway between 45th and 46th streets. The seamless digital canvas is visible from virtually every vantage point in the Square’s ‘bowtie’ where more than 300,000 pedestrians pass by daily.  Imagine it on New Years Eve!

Great quote : “People go to the Grand Canyon to see the most visually stunning natural canyon in the world. They come to Times Square to see the most digitally striking canyon in the world” said Tim Topkins, president of the Times Square Alliance.

The 24 million pixel display is driven by 3 AMD FIrePro W9000 GPUs and will light up on Tuesday night (Nov 18).


Moscow’s 40 screen video wall and video floor at Open Innovations powered by AMD FirePro and Ventuz

Posted by Tony DeYoung on November 11, 2014

For the Open Innovations Forum 2014, the Moscow city government create a unique presentation to present the products of twelve Russian companies. The interactive presentation integrated a video wall and video floor across a total of 40 displays, all controlled via a touch screen. The video wall and floor was controlled via 2 PCs equipped with Ventuz software and AMD FirePro cards.  Video below.  More pics on Ventuz.com.

Siemens PLM accelerated by AMD FirePro on U-Touch collaborative table top touch screens

Posted by Tony DeYoung on November 03, 2014

Very cool demo explaining Siemens PLM Software collaboration using U-Touch large format tabletop touch screens accelerated by AMD FirePro and Dell workstations. Using these technologies, more stakeholders can be involved and interact with the PLM information to be able to move the design forward - greater productivity with enhanced user experience. Rendering the digital mockups of massive assemblies combined with massive displays and real-time manipulation gives confidence in the design solution before putting it to the shop floor to manufacture a prototype.

Bollywood director describes collaboration w/ AMD FirePro to create Indian epic film Baahubali

Posted by Tony DeYoung on October 20, 2014

Bollywood film director SS Rajamouli describes the making of the Indian epic Telugu film Baahubali (coming in 2015) and how collaboration with AMD using FirePro technology enables him to translate influential comic book stories into a hi-fidelity film.  Machete VFX and ArkaMedia also chime in. The technology enables real-time rendering and real-time simulation to create the grandeur required for this VFX-oriented film. 

Barco Coronis Uniti - 1 display for both PACS and mammography - powered by AMD FirePro W7000

Posted by Tony DeYoung on October 16, 2014

66% of radiologists want to see colors and grays on the same screen, with 84% of US radiologists reading both digital mammography and color PACS. Barco decided it was time to unify the workflow.  The new Barco Coronis Uniti is the world’s only display explicitly designed for PACS and breast imaging. 

The display is powered by the AMD FirePro W7000 to render rich content, while enabling fast-paced, dynamic and 3D medical imaging. This means the 12MP display display can deliver CT moving images, ultrasound, MRI/PET scans, multi-frame mammography, and digital breast tomosynthesis.  The Coronis Uniti display is also calibrated to meet the DICOM standard for grayscales, and to guarantee consistent, perceptually linear color. AMD has been Barco’s exclusive partner in medical imaging for more than 10 years!

Checkout the screen shots and the video below and see why people in medical imaging are so excited.



AMD FirePro contributes to the Open Source VFX movie project: Galactic Battles

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 30, 2014

Galactic Battles is an open-source visual effects project to create a CG battle of epic proportions by pitting some of the most iconic Sci-Fi space ships against one another in an inter-galactic fight to the death as a short 15 min film with a real story line. Models being used include ships from Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Eve Online, and the Halo franchises.

AMD contributed a FirePro W7000 card to help render the scenes, some of which can exceed 20 million polygons. Software includes Maya for modeling, animation and rigging, Houdini for explosions and NUKE (NUKE 9 is OpenCL-accelerated) for post production.

See the trailer below:

Can’t make it to SIGGRAPH? Check out these video demos: Lumiscaphe, Cintoo 3D, Ray Tracing Prototype

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 14, 2014

This year’s SIGGRAPH is amazing in terms of the demos. If you weren’t able to attend the show or make it to the AMD FirePro booth, below are 3 videos demonstrating a few of the remarkable technologies enabled by OpenGL and OpenCL running on AMD FirePro W8100 and W9100s. I have to note that each of these demos blew me away.  This is leaps and bounds beyond what I saw last year.

Lumiscaphe P3D Design 50 fps photorealistic rendering using AMD FirePro W9100
It looks like a video playing on screen but it is actually a real-time 50 fps photorealistic rendering of a 4.1 million polygon model using P3D Design V6 running on an AMD FirePro W9100.

Cintoo 3D SmartMesh compression/decompression of massive 3D models on AMD FirePro using OpenCL
Cintoo 3D SmartMesh running on AMD FirePro W8100 using OpenCL to process 3D massive data in real-me. This example shows a 20 million triangles model with 20 GB texture compressed 1:50 and decompressed on the fly.

Ray tracer renderer proof of concept demo using OpenCL running on 4 AMD FirePro W8100s
AMD’s Takahiro Harada shows a path rendering / ray tracing demo using a prototype Maya 2015 plugin, targeting accelerated adoption of OpenCL 2.0 in advanced photorealistic rendering engines running on 4 AMD FirePro W8100.


The future of entertainment:  Immersive holograms from OTOY streamed via the cloud

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 11, 2014

AMD FirePro STREAM technology partner OTOY, today announced a holographic video pipeline for content creators, including the world’s first portable 360 holographic capture system and a cloud-based pipeline for creating and deploying holographic media to mobile devices and virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift . In 2015 OTOY will bring to market, commercial freestanding volumetric holographic displays.

OTOY’s end-to-end pipeline brings together several technologies to produce a video with true-to-life image quality that can be navigated and explored from any angle, otherwise known as holographic video. Rod Roddenberry: “OTOY is making my father’s vision of the Star Trek Holodeck a practical reality in our lifetime.”

The holographic video pipeline and display will be demoed in the AMD FirePro booth 1023 at SIGGRAPH 2014 (see theater schedule).

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