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Concept car projection mapped car dashboard using 18 LED projectors, Delta servers and AMD FirePro

Posted by Tony DeYoung on November 04, 2013

7thSense worked with LCI UK to create a projection-mapped virtual dashboard for the Opel Monza concept car at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Three Delta Nucleus HexHeads each with an AMD FirePro 6-output graphics card drove 18 LED projectors to create one sweeping dashboard surface that extends from door to door. The entire surface acts as one 3D graphics display, eliminating the traditional individual gauges and screens.

Robot design for AMD FirePro graphic cards by Fuad

Posted by Tony DeYoung on October 07, 2013

It’s a very cool image from artist Fuad Ghaderi. The original is hosted on CGHub and was used in this campaign for OpenCL, Adobe Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, PhotoShop, After Effects and AMD FirePro graphics.


EIM Solutions uses AMD FirePro to power graphics for Int’l Wakeboarding competition: Wake the Line

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 26, 2013

I have to admit I wasn’t even aware of Wakeboarding using an overhead cable system in a wake park,  until I watched a video of the O’Neill Wake the Line international competition.

Basically wakeboarders grab hold of a cable and are flung into a water course with obstacles, ramps, rails etc. They the perform tricks, spins, rail glides and other daring actions.  Check out the course (graphic below) and the video from this year’s Wake the Line competition.

The on-air sports graphics for Wake the Line 2013, were developed and output by EIM Solutions using AMD FirePro GPUs and Ventuz software. The FirePro GPU directly renders output for the broadcast HD-SDI interface which provides the key and fill signals for the video switcher on-site. 

The 3 pool wakeboard course

Video of the 1st place winning run by Raph Derome

What does Google do to impress visitors to its European Cultural Institute and Paris office?

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 18, 2013

If you’re Google, one of the leading technology companies on the planet, known for innovation and setting future trends, what do you do to live up to expectations when visitors come to your new European Cultural Institute and Paris office? You design and implement a Minority Report-style UI using AMD FirePro and Ventuz, that lets visitors use touch and gestures to engage, play and explore.

Paris is the home of the Google’s European Cultural Institute and European office. The Institute works with hundreds of museums, cultural institutions and archives to build digital tools and services for European cultural organizations. Examples include digitizing the Dead Sea Scrolls, making them searchable and zoom-able or working with the world’s leading museums to virtualize the experience of touring them.  The Institute’s showroom hosts a variety of these immersive installations that use natural user interfaces including gesture control and a multi-touch, translucent glass holographic control console.

The center of attraction in the showroom is a 7 by 3 meter theater display wall created using four NEC PG500U projectors powered by a single AMD FirePro W9000, with edge-blending and warping using Ventuz software. A transparent “holo screen” acts as the touch interface to control the display wall. Videos can be selected and sent from the transparent touch screen onto the projection surface. The application can be quickly adjusted to the viewers needs and preferences, ensuring that each presentation feels tailored and customized.

When the theater display wall is not needed for presentations, it transforms into a playful interactive installation where you can gesture control Google doodles using two synchronized Kinect motion tracking cameras. All of the other presentation including the virtual book carousel were created using Ventuz.

The French agency emenco designed the installation. They had to deliver on Google’s desire to bring together the speed and smarts of Google with the stylishness and passion of Paris.  More photos on their site but the embedded video and photos below gives you a good overview.



Giant 3D holographic-like projections at Noise Poison Festival driven by AMD FirePro W7000

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 13, 2013

The 15 meter, real-time holographic-like projection at this years Noise Poison Festival in Slovakia was generated using an AMD FirePro W7000 driving two 15.000 Lm projectors. Trance-fans danced to heavy beats while above them floated images of light projected onto a 15 meter X 45 meter wall of water vapor to create the illusion of a 3D hologram. Czech agency XLAB created the holo-projection content and production. Models and images were created using Cinema 4D, Photoshop, After Effects and composited using Ventuz software.

Essentially the 3D holographic projection behaves like a mirage. The image projects on the water vapor which is uneven due to molecular vibration level and creates a sense of 3D. A second and third plane or painted scenes and real tree branched augmented the illusion of real depth. The water vapor projection is the same technique used to create the very popular Tokyo Lochness Monster.




ARISE NEWS uses AMD FirePro W Series, Eyefinity and Ventuz for newsroom graphics and video walls

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 12, 2013

ARISE NEWS is a new 24-hour global TV news network, set to rival CNN and BBC with a concentration on news and current affairs for emerging markets, developing countries and evolving politics. A sister channel, ARISE 360 is entertainment-based with fashion, music, sports and pay-per-view films.

At ARISE studios in New York, a 27-screen video wall, a 4-screen video wall and a 2-screen video wall are all driven by AMD FirePro W9000 and W7000 cards with SD/HD-SDI inputs/outputs.  Ventuz software controls the interactive screen elements via a contact-free, multi-touch infrared laser system. Ventuz also controls the video wall backdrop which acts as the focal point of the set.  As needed, any video wall can be instantly switched from distinct images on each screen to full frame across all displays. 

Spotted Zebra led the system design and integration for studios in New York, London, Johannesburg, Washington DC and Lagos.  More on the story at ARISE NEWS uses Ventuz for newsroom on-air graphics.



Send your boss a personalized video message: Why you need AMD FirePro graphics for Siemens NX

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 12, 2013

Stand up for your needs as a CAD professional!  Create a poignant but entertaining video message to your IT manager or your boss on why you need AMD FirePro Professional Graphics for your work in Siemens NX.

Just follow these simple steps at StandUpForFirePro.com:

1) Provide your contact info.
2) Provide the contact info for your IT manager or your boss.
3) Upload a picture of your face.

AMD FirePro will generate a customized video for you to review and send.


Zoic Studios Revenge of TMag CG render using AMD FirePro graphics

Posted by Tony DeYoung on June 17, 2013

Zoic studios worked with AMD FirePro to create this CG render of ‘Revenge of TMag’ using Autodesk Maya and Mudbox.  There is extensive use of hardware tessellation and PTex ( Procedural Texture ) running in a shader. VRay using OpenCL-acceleration was used for lighting and offline final rendering.

Zoic also uses AMD FirePro remote graphics technology for their designers/engineers.


Video of the World’s First Gigapixel Resolution Display - the Reality Deck

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 03, 2013

Great video explaining and showing Stony Brook University’s Reality Deck. This is the world’s first gigapixel display, comprising more than 1.5 billion pixels using 416 HD monitors and 72 AMD FirePro graphics cards, and 18 AMD FirePro S400 cards syncing video signals to create one contiguous display.

This blog gives some of the details:  “In total, 416 Samsung S27A850D LED monitors were used, each running at a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. To drive this many monitors, 72 AMD FirePro graphics cards were divided amongst 18 computer systems, or nodes, and each node fitted with an AMD FirePro S400 sync module to synchronize the output across all graphics cards and systems. Each AMD FirePro graphics card fed six monitors, and each node housed four AMD FirePro graphics cards.

Full-cover water cooling solution for AMD FirePro W9000 and S10000 server graphics cards

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 02, 2013

EK Water Blocks announced a water cooling solution for the AMD FirePro W9000 and S10000 server graphics cards.

This full-cover (see pic) water block directly cools single and dual GPUs, RAM as well as VRMs (voltage regulation module) as water flows directly over these areas thus allowing the graphics card and it’s VRM to remain 100% stable under any given workload. The water block features a high flow design so it can be easily used in liquid cooling systems with weaker water pumps.

Both solutions provide a single-slot design thus doubling the computing power per unit compared to factory heatsink fan (HSF) cooling solution.

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