CATIA on FirePro V5700 with and without VBO

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 21, 2009

The video pretty much says it all in a short and sweet fashion:  Over three times the visualization performance in CATIA by using the optimized VBO (Vertex Buffer Object) OpenGL driver support on the FirePro V5700. This comparison was captured live at the COE 2009 Technifair.


So what's the news ? VBOs exist for years now, and have always meant to be fast, does it mean that Catia just discovered them ?
CATIA v5 added support for VBOs and the FirePro has optimized it's drivers for CATIA specifically to optimize VBO performance.
Thanks for the video Tony. It is a great way to demonstrate the benefits of VBO performance for those new to OpenGL (and how CATIA makes use of them). You made the news on
The view is not even the same ... not a good benchmark.
Actually views and rotation amounts are identical. Just hard to see the amounts at YouTube resolution.
Do you know what is used on the "non-VBO" case?
My understanding is this was the same machine, same FirePro card, but with VB0 turned off in CATIA. I think this article from Develop3D should clarify how CATIA uses VBO
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