CG Channel reviews the current FirePro line top to bottom for DCC work

Posted by Tony DeYoung on December 07, 2010

While there have been many reviews about the newest line of FirePro cards, this one on CG Channel is focused on the DCC market and looks at a wide range of benchmarks as well as real world and practical use scenarios. 

It falls into that rare camp of reviews that are actually an interesting read, and not just robotic readout of benchmarks.

What are some of the take aways:

  • You will get addicted to having 3 or more displays that work together “you’ve got Max or Maya open one of the 30-inchers, Photoshop on the other, ZBrush or Mudbox running on the Cintiq, and your reference art or a web browser open on the 22-inch display!”
  • The V8800 and V7800 are awesome for DCC performance (and even good for gaming!)
  • The v5800 best balances performance, features and price. Great choice unless you have really huge models or superdense meshes.
  • The V3800 would be a good entry-level AutoCAD or SolidWorks card as CAD projects tend to not use the high-resolution textures and complex pixel shaders that DCC app do.
  • OpenCL apps are not really here, but when they come, these cards will suddenly take on additional new life.


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