Commenting on: Photoshop CS6 GPU / OpenCL FAQ including details on which AMD FirePro cards are supported

Posted by Tony DeYoung on April 27, 2012

Most everyone that I have talked to in the DCC or CAD is excited about the announcement of OpenCL acceleration for Adobe PhotoShop CS6 (and Premier Pro CS6).

AMD posted a blog and I just read an FAQ from Adobe on exactly what is accelerated in PhotoShop as well a which cards are tested and certified.

Below are some excerpts from the Adobe FAQ that are particularly relevant and interesting.

"The Mercury Graphics Engine (MGE) represents features that use video card, or GPU, acceleration. In Photoshop CS6, this new engine delivers near-instant results when editing with key tools…

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Full OpenCL support for MGE with 6870 here. 7 x64. Working on getting MPE OpenCL. People with 5770's have it working.
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