Comparing the AMD FirePro S10000 to the Nvidia Tesla K10, K20 and K20X

Posted by Tony DeYoung on November 12, 2012

Today both AMD and Nvidia announced their new flagship HPC server GPU solutions. AMD released the FirePro S10000 (pdf spec sheet), a dual-GPU card that combines both compute and 3D visualization on a single card. Nvdia announced their Tesla K20 line which target compute only (you need a Quadro card for the 3D visualization capabilities). Below is a chart comparing the specs and performance of the new cards, as well as comparisons to Nvidia's Tesla K10 and compute-specific M2090 cards

AMD FirePro S10000 Nvidia Tesla K10 Nvidia Tesla K20 Nvidia Tesla K20X Nvidia Tesla M2090
Form Factor Tahiti (2x) GK104(2x) GK110 (1X) GK110 (1X) GF110(1x)
Core Clock Speed 825 Mhz 745 Mhz 706 Mhz 732 Mhz 650 Mhz
Core (total) 3584 3072 2496 2688 512
Max Power 375W 225W 225W 225W 225W
Peak Single Precision 5.91 TFLOPS 4.58 TFLOPS 3.52 TFLOPS 3.95 TFLOPS 1.331 TFLOPS
Peak Double Precision 1.48 TFLOPS 0.19 TFLOPS 1.17 TFLOPS 1.31 TFLOPS 0.67 TFLOPS
Memory Bandwidth 480 GB/s 320 GB/s 208 GB/s 250 GB/s 177 GB/s
Retail/OEM pricing $3,599 $3,276-$4,309 $3,199 est $4,000-$5,000 $2,499

Quick Summary:

  • FirePro S10000 is a single card that delivers both compute and professional 3D graphics, (as opposed to needing a Quadro plus Tesla). The FirePro S10000 can handle 2 compute & 1 graphics operation simultaneously
  • FirePro S10000 is up to 7.8X as fast as the K10 for peak double precision and 1.3X as fast for peak single precision
  • FirePro S10000 has up to 1.5X the memory bandwidth as Tesla K10
  • FirePro S10000 can drive up to 5 high resolutions displays vs Tesla (oops you need a Quadro to drive any displays)
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I realize it's been over a year since you wrote this, but on AMD's site their comparison tool shows the S10000 not capable of 3D Stereo output. Has that changed, or is your position that you don't need the equivalent of a Quadro card incorrect? Thanks, -H P.S. I like AMD's FirePro, but I need 3D capabilities.
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