Deus Ex Human Revolution and Far Cry 3 streamed from Radeon Sky 700 via CiiNOW

Posted by Tony DeYoung on March 28, 2013

These two videos are the first glimpses I have seen of real games being streamed from an AMD Radeon Sky graphics card. These videos are iPhone video captures from GDC 2013.  This is the real thing running over the Internet - no special tricks or special bandwidth involved.

Take a look at Deus Ex Human Revolution and Far Cry 3 streamed over the Internet from a single Radeon Sky 700 via CiiNOW.  Cloud gaming is real (and FirePro Server graphics technology is behind it).

Deus Ex Human Revolution streamed to a laptop using Radeon Sky 700 via CiiNOW

Far Cry 3 streamed to a tablet using Radeon Sky 700 via CiiNOW

The Radeon Sky Graphics series for cloud-based gaming services form the backbone of AMD’s cloud platform that streams games using services that include CiiNow, G-Cluster, Otoy and Ubitus to PCs, Smart TVs, tablets and mobile devices.

Radeon Sky Series graphics cards can support up to six HD (720p) game streams each, where each of the six game streams supports up to 30 frames per second. Integral to this is the AMD RapidFire technology - a combination of hardware and software that enables cloud gaming partners to use an open API that simplifies the manipulation of key hardware controls to provide HD visual quality, minimal latency and optimal network bandwidth.


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