Experience FirePro! Sweepstakes - Qualify to Win a FirePro V5900

Posted by Tony DeYoung on February 12, 2012

imageShare your FirePro graphics experience for a chance to win a AMD FirePro V5900

What's behind this sweepstakes?
We believe the new line of FirePro cards and drivers are more stable and more reliable than any other graphics solution out there. But we want to hear unbiased reality from end users - from the single designer using PhotoShop CS5 to the multi-person CAD shop using a range of DCC and CAD/CAE apps.

Update March 5, 2012:
Congratulations to the Winners!

  • Gary Schultze - Minnesota
  • Adam Carlson - Virginia
  • Aaron Cantrell - Massachusetts


  • Simply post a comment to http://fireuser.com/blog/experience_firepro describing your experience with reliability, stability and compatibility for any recent* FirePro graphic cards. This comment can be as short as one sentence or as detailed as a paragraph or two.
  • Post a message on Twitter that describes your experience with reliability, stability and compatibility for any recent* FirePro graphics cards. Be sure to include the hashtag #fireuser in the message.

Comments and Tweets should represent real experiences - good, bad or indifferent. As long as your experience references a recent* card, you are using an up-to-date driver, and you say what app(s) you are using, we want to hear what you have to say. Your comment or tweet will enter you to win an AMD FirePro V5900 graphics card.

Sweepstakes runs February 13-27, 2012.

Three Winners will be randomly drawn, each to receive one complimentary AMD FirePro™ V5900 Professional Graphics card valued at approximately US$599 each.


  • FirePro V7900 is fast, stable in CREO/Elements Pro + Keyshot workflow. Can't live without Eyefinity #FireUser
  • FirePro V4900 is performing as expected in SolidWorks 2011 running a 2 million polygon model #FireUser
  • Driving 6 HD displays for studio broadcasting using Viz Engine and FirePro V9800. Glitches not an option. #FireUser
  • My new FirePro V5900 is outperforming my Quadro 2000 and shows no artifacts in CATIA #FireUser
  • Once I cleared out old drivers and installed latest versions, FirePro V7800 started performing well in Maya 2011 #FireUser

Comments on http://fireuser.com/blog/experience_firepro can of course be longer and provide more detail including the applications you work in, how you have stressed the card and if you have any direct comparison using another card with these applications.

Eligible graphic cards for the sweepstakes include the FirePro V3800, FirePro V3900, FirePro V4800, FirePro V4900, FirePro V5800, FirePro V5900, FirePro V7800, FirePro V7900, FirePro V8800 and FirePro V9800.

You can download a PDF copy of the official rules.



We use FirePros for over 30 monitors on our trade floor and their speed and reliability are unmatched for the finance industry. Sprawling multiple windows with dozens of graphs, images, and tons of data flowing past has never looked so good! Andrew
My FirePro v5800 is a beast! no problem throwing any game at it at max settings. I've seen no issue with multiple monitors, either. It's stable and FAST.
I was lucky enough to the FirePro V5900 to simulate an analysis in 3D in ArcGIS to understand how a development would impact the surrounding skyline. The visualization was real-time and compelling. We would really benefit from one of these cards for use in our own office!
My CAD guys at work LOVE working on the workstations with the FirePro V7800 our IT guys ordered. (At least, I'm PRETTY sure it's the V7800). The weather data they aggregate is phenomenal but AMD gets the job done smile
I bought a firepro m9800 to use for OpenCL computations on the go. My other choice was a radeon 6990M. I had trouble getting the correct driver as amd's download page pointed me to dell and dells latest driver was a one year old driver that didn't even have OpenCL 1.1 support. So in desperation I downloaded the AMD auto detect driver tool. The tool instantly said "You have a 6990M". It then automatically uninstalledy drivers changed the name in the device manager to a 6690M and installed the regular catalyst drivers. Now the card works great and I am able to use it as a mobile GPU computing powerhouse but I am confused as to why I paid a 5x premium for a card AMD just re-flashes to 6990M as well as why driver support is so far behind. I know you go for driver stability but when your drivers are behind in emerging technologies such as OpenCL they are of such little use.
I thought that I'd be underwhelmed when I first fired up my new 8GB quad-core i7 workstation with the V4800 - after all, it's the so-called 'entry level' card - but after a quick driver update and restart, Vectorworks 2011 was up and running and *flying* through 3D renderings as well as - all the more exciting - just navigating the program interface was far more fluid than any other machine in the office!
Using a pair crossfire V5800 Autocad, Cubit, with farro scene. Effortless movement with large point cloud scans of structure and pipe. Great job AMD. #FireUser
We did a test card in one of our boxes at work. It was a fire pro 3800. We noticed that on the whole thimgs were relatively stable, but had some minor issues with ansys that we had not seen before. When we swapped to an nvidia card the issues no longer were present.
I use a V3800 at my 9-5 job and it is sufficient for my relatively small assemblies in Autodesk Inventor 2010. I have an entry level workstation, dual core with 4Gb RAM, and I think the performance of the graphics card stays ahead of the workstation. This is great for this job, but my i7 workstation at home running Inventor 2012 can use a more potent graphics card than my V4800. I got this card as recommended by another engineer, however I have exceeded its available computing power. The V4800 can handle complex assemblies with some small Alias Design parts thrown in, however it really gets bogged down when I try to create installation videos, and product tutorials using Inventor Publisher 2012. OpenGL helps with my modeling, and DirectX 11 is for the video frame rate. Luckily I only 'need' to do the modeling, but experimenting on Publisher will help in future Autodesk releases. Rendering any decent quality is not really an option for my work computer, but the V4800 can create some pretty nice visuals with ray-tracing turned on. #Fireuser
It's the best graphic card that I used. I consumme less energy than the other brands, less lags, less artefeacts (less heat). I use it one in my config at home and I can play, work on catia V5 or V6 wihtout any problems.
I heard from one of my friend, regarding this FirePro V5900. As I am using CATIA V5 application for my rendering needs,I was using Nvidia card but not satisfied with the performance. I am using core 2 duo workstation with 1 gb ram. After trying this FirePro V5900, I can see excellent improvement in the performance and issues like flashing, dimming while rendering completely disappeared. Really I would say this is amazing.
The FirePro v4900 works great with solidworks. Smooth rotations and excellent performance even with models with millions of polygons.
FirePro V4900 is performing as expected in CATIA V6 running a 2 million polygon model and also best for mechanical design application #FireUser
Planning to upgrade to V5900 once it comes out. Have used the V5700, V5800 with the latest Solidworks and it is hard to beat in terms of speed and stability. Hope to win one here! #FireUser
I use a Firepro 4800 on my workstation at home and even with complex rendering in Solidworks it is pretty quick. I had a little trouble with the graphics in Solidworks showing artifacts as I rotated and zoomed on the part. Downloaded the latest firmware from AMD and the problem was completely solved. in fact I was very impressed with the way the new firmware install went too. I've had bad experiences updating graphics drivers with other cards. I'm using a Nvidia Quadro 4000 at work and my little AMD Firepro 4800 works just as good.
I used a firepro at my last job for solidworks and it took any of the huge assemblies I was working on in solidworks with ease.
Fire Pro V5900 A tale of three Drivers ? built a new workstation with FX-8 8150 Black Edition 3.6 Processor Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard. Corsair 16Gb ram Corsair 120Gb SSD drive using solidworks 2012-Sp2 Microsoft Office. Firstly used the solidworks certified driver for 2012 (made the machine hang & all office products non responsive. Windows badly affected too. Then loaded the latest catalyst pro driver (seemed fine but then resulted in crashes when sectioning in solidworks models). Lastly loaded the Pro Pre-WHQL driver (so far so good). Really like AMDs products & have no doubt these cards are good just wa shame i have had such problems with the drivers.
it's good idea to work FirePro with blender & RenderLux to Create a realistic Games , Thank's. Have Driver Support GL 4.2 & CL 1.2
Use a Fire Pro 8800 @ work and the office is temporarily using Geforce consumer cards to be able to use Mari. Overall I am indifferent. Fire seems fine in Maya and Max, a bit smoother/faster maybe but honestly not enough for me to justify the purchase on a personal level. At home I use the HD 5850- it is fine too but doesn't support Mari.
The FirePro V4900 I swiped from a co-worker's desk appears to churn along admirably, with sharp image quality and responsive rendering performance. Minimal glitches, stalls, or display shimmering issues.
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