FirePro v8750 ups the ante with 2GB frame buffer, high bandwidth, and CrossFire Pro (multi-GPU) tech

Posted by Tony DeYoung on July 28, 2009

FirePro V8750 with 2GB GDDR5 frame buffer and 800 shader enginesAMD announced their new high end powerhouse, the ATI FirePro V8750 for $1,799. The new card up ante on the previous 800 shader engine V8700, with 2GB GDDR5 frame buffer providing up to 115.2GB/s of memory bandwidth. It also supports dual Display Port and dual-link DVI output, stereo 3D out, lower power consumption, a very quiet cooling fan, and consistently higher performance tuned to the workstation market. Definitely a sweet upgrade.

But personally I am particularly jazzed on three additional points.

  1. As part of this announcement AMD announced ATI CrossFire Pro - which enables you to combine multiple GPUs to scale application performance (i.e. all the processing power can be diverted to a single modeling window). YES!
  2. Support for the new FirePro S400 card for framelock and genlock as mentioned in my previous post.
  3. Based on the press release I am dying to see this puppy perform with MachStudio Pro instead of the FireGL v8650 (the earlier generation 2GB system) - and with hardware-accelerated tessellation (maybe?).

Overall I am guessing there will be a lot to report on from Siggraph 2009.

One final nice touch: starting with the FirePro V8750, all supported ATI FirePro 3D retail cards will come with the CrossFire Pro connector cable

Tags: 3D, CAD, Hardware


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