4K displays and short throw HD projectors with edge blending at InfoComm driven by AMD FirePro

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 28, 2014

InfoComm 2014 is just around the corner (June 18-20) and AMD FirePro technologies will be feature for cutting edge digital signage solutions.

Real-time 4K Video Processing and Playback for Multi-display and Media Compositing
Exxact Corp. MPX 10000 Media Processor,  AMD FirePro W9100 and Mitsubishi Play-Out Composer Software driving 8 4K displays

Scalable Desktop Textures and HD Projector Edge-Blending
Scalable Display Technologies ScalableDesktop and AMD FirePro Display Output Post-Processing (DOPP) demonstrating projector blending using 2 1080p short throw projectors.

AMD FirePro W9100 + OpenCL accelerating SIMULIA Abaqus at SCC 2014

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 20, 2014

The AMD FirePro team is at the 2014 SIMULIA Customer Conference in running May 20 - 22. AMD FirePro GPUs are certified for Abaqus technology in SIMULIA on 64-bit Windows and Linux platforms.

The photo below from the conference demonstrates SIMULIA Abaqus accelerated 2 to 4 times (over CPU only) by dual AMD FirePro W9100 GPU and OpenCL running on an HP Z820. The acceleration applies to both routine and sophisticated engineering simulation and the card can simultaneously drive analytics and visualization across multiple displays.

SIMULIA Abaqus accelerated using OpenCL on AMD FirePro W9100

Bernard Charlès, CEO of Dassault presenting at the conference

Opening keynote

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Tom’s Hardware on AMD FirePro W9100: excellent performance, versatility, unmatched connectivity

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 20, 2014

Tom’s hardware has published their AMD FirePro W9100 Review: Hawaii Puts On Its Suit And Tie.

From the review: 

“AMD’s latest does, however, appear to be the most cost-effective way of getting close to the pinnacle of what’s possible in the workstation world. Take our CAD and CAE, or multimedia and entertainment benchmarks, for example. In those applications, the FirePro W9100 is a perfect match.”

“How does the FirePro W9100 fare in our final analysis, then? The $4000 card’s price tag is justified by excellent performance, versatility across mature professional segments and the latest workloads, and unmatched connectivity. You get a mix of speed in 3D tasks and general-purpose compute-intensive apps, or both at the same time. It’ll be interesting to see how many professionals dig deep for no-compromise speed in their performance-sensitive software. If the audience is out there, AMD’s FirePro W9100 should help reclaim some of the company’s workstation market share.”

Videomaker’s review of the AMD FirePro W9100 concludes:

” So… what video card is right for you if you have $4000-$5000 to spend?  It completely depends on your software needs. We can tell you this: This card rips through 3D calculations like a mini-gun rips through bullets, obliterating lag time, and giving you all the performance you could hope for (provided those 3D instructions are OpenCL).”

CPU Magazine reviewed the AMD FirePro W9100 in the June issue and concludes:

“The AMD FirePro W9100 can meet and exceed the demands of industries that rely on accurate and high-performance computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, reservoir simulation, and aerodynamics calculations.”

“If your professional-grade graphics card can’t keep up with your demands, AMD’s FirePro W9100 (or several of them) will deliver impressive results no matter what you throw at them.”

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MultiTaction iWall 16’ by 9’ turnkey interactive video wall solution using AMD FirePro W9000

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 19, 2014

MultiTaction iWall is a 16’ by 9’ turnkey interactive videowall solution consisting of 12 x 55” ultra-thin bezel MultiTaction displays with 24 megapixel resolution driven by 2 AMD FirePro W9000 GPUs.  The 12 x MultiTaction Cell 55” displays with Ultra-Thin Bezel support 200fps touch tracking and simultaneous support for multiple user inputs.

Check out the video of this attention-grabbing display wall.

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Explanation of VDI and PCoIP Remote Graphics using the AMD FirePro R5000, by BOXX

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 15, 2014

If you are new to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), this video by BOXX, clearly explains the idea of separating the local client from the server-based workstation and software.  It also describes using GPU passthrough and hardware accelerated PCoIP Remote Graphics using the AMD FirePro R5000.

DaVinci Resolve accelerated for 4K Ultra HD with AMD FirePro W9100 + OpenCL

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 09, 2014

Dan May, President, BlackMagic Design explains how AMD FirePro W9100 GPUs with OpenCL supports DaVinci Resolve customers to process images and effects as quickly as possible for a wide variety of grades, blurs and effects in 2k, 4k or 6k, or 3D.  He describes using multiple GPUs in one system for real world workflows.

Presentation from Developer Summit on AMD FirePro Advanced Technologies: DirectGMA, PSR, DOPP

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 08, 2014

This talk from the 2013 Developer Summit covers:

  • Direct Graphics Memory (DirectGMA) - which enables low latency peer to peer data transfers between devices on the bus and FirePro GPUs
  • Partial Surface Rendering (PSA) - which enables high definition display divided across multiple GPUs across multiple monitors
  • Display output Post Processing (DOPP) - OpenGL extension that enables arbitrary transformations such as warping, blending, color correction/calibration and desktop capturing, transforming a primary surface to the present surface

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Create 4k monitor resolution using 3 less expensive displays in portrait mode with AMD FirePro W5000

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 08, 2014

This short video shows you how to create a 4K X 2K resolution display using 3 less expensive display in portrait mode driven by a single AMD FirePro W5000 professional graphics card and AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology.

GPU-centric Demon systems fast networked to Devil systems for plug and play supercomputer

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 08, 2014

Amy Gile, John Parenteau and Ted Schilowitz explain how Silverdraft Devil and Demon combine with AMD FirePro W9100 GPUs to empower creative film artists to deliver exceptional creativity with speed and best of breed performance.  The MobileViz rig shown at the start is very cool. It can be used to go onset for production of any kind.

‘Best of’ video from Da Vinci Contest brings strange machines to 3D virtual life

Posted by Tony DeYoung on May 07, 2014

This video shows some of the winning entries from the Da Vinci 3D Competition organized by Dassault Systèmes, Chateau du Clos Lucé, Scala Archives, AMD FirePro and HP.

Leonardo Da Vinci designed flying machines, helicopters, lens grinding machines, hydraulic machines and many advanced weapons. Even though most of these were visionary creations, some would not actually function if they had been built. By complimenting Da Vinci’s vision with modern software and hardware tools, contest entrants could bring these strange machines to virtual life and simulate their behavior!

This video illustrates the best 3D models of the contest.

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