AMD FirePro S9100 GPU - hi-performance HPC for budget conscious projects

Posted by Tony DeYoung on October 02, 2014

Not too long ago AMD announced the top-of-line AMD FirePro S9150, the most powerful server GPU ever built for High Performance Computing (HPC). This 16GB card with 2.53 TFLOPs of peak double precision performance is ideal for the most compute intensive workloads that demand ultimate performance.

The new AMD FirePro S9100 server GPU is for more budget conscious deployments that still need equally exceptional performance for HPC. The 12GB FirePro S9100 delivers 2.11 TFLOPS peak double-precision and up to 9.4 GFLOPS per watt TDP double-precision performance. Like its big brother, it passively cooled for use in data centers and is fully equipped to handle supercomputing-caliber tasks with tremendous efficiency.

Read more about the AMD FirePro S9100 and check the product page for specs.

AMD FirePro contributes to the Open Source VFX movie project: Galactic Battles

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 30, 2014

Galactic Battles is an open-source visual effects project to create a CG battle of epic proportions by pitting some of the most iconic Sci-Fi space ships against one another in an inter-galactic fight to the death as a short 15 min film with a real story line. Models being used include ships from Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Eve Online, and the Halo franchises.

AMD contributed a FirePro W7000 card to help render the scenes, some of which can exceed 20 million polygons. Software includes Maya for modeling, animation and rigging, Houdini for explosions and NUKE (NUKE 9 is OpenCL-accelerated) for post production.

See the trailer below:

4K video workflows using Adobe Creative Cloud and AMD FirePro at Adobe MAX 2014

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 29, 2014

Adobe MAX 2014 is coming up next week and AMD FirePro will be demonstrating several FirePro-based solutions to accelerate complex 4k workflows (Premiere Pro CC, SpeedGrade, After Effects, Prelude, Photoshop) in Booth #113

  • Mac Pro running dual AMD FirePro D series GPUs
  • Dell Precision Workstation running dual AMD FirePro W9100s
  • HP EliteBook with AMD A10 APU

In addition to checking out the demos, stop by for the backpack and bag giveaways!

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A bunch of furry apes running around Paris made possible by AMD FirePro + Maya + 3dsMax

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 26, 2014

Demo of a bunch of furry apes running around Paris!  Actually a demo of complex 2k and 4k texturing using Autodesk Maya and 3dsMax made possible by the 16GB framebuffer on the #AMDFirePro W9100

Dell describes how workstation performance is the key to successful 4K video production workflows

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 25, 2014

High performance is the key to successful 4K video production workflows. This video describes how Dell tower and rack workstations are used along with AMD FirePro WX100 series cards to deliver the highest possible performance in Assimilate SCRATCH and Adobe Premiere Pro.  Better performance at a lower cost points is why Dell w/ AMD FirePro leads in the UK.

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What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for 4k production workflow including GPU acceleration

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 25, 2014

Dave Helmy from Adobe demos the new UI of Adobe Premiere Pro CC as well as hardware accelerated technologies using AMD FirePro + OpenCL for 4k real-time color correction, render & replace, masking, tracking, and CineForm finishing codec support.

DaVinci Resolve 11 pushes the limits of a performance grading system using multiple AMD FirePro GPUs

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 24, 2014

DaVinci Resolve 11 pushes the limits of a performance grading system using multiple AMD FirePro GPUs with OpenCL.  In the demo you see RED Epic 5k full debayer, color correction, and multiple node FX like blur all the while maintaining real-time performance.

Adobe Premiere Pro running at its best on AMD FirePro hardware with new OpenCL optimizations

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 24, 2014

Description and demo of how Adobe Premiere Pro CC has added OpenCL optimizations for AMD FirePro GPUs to accelerate 4K debayering, visual FX, automated mask tracking, new raw 4k footage codecs and multi-GPU support.

Four 4K SDI video streams use DirectGMA on AMD FirePro for real-time processing of live broadcasts

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 24, 2014

When you add FX, titling or image enhancement to live video, you want minimal frame lag between the input video stream and the output broadcast stream. Basically you want a way to transfer video directly between the GPU and the SDI I/O card without any intermediate copy-to-and-from-memory steps and the resulting latency.

DirectGMA, a technology on AMD FirePro GPUs enables SDI video I/O devices to stream video directly into and from GPU memory. This eliminates any latency in live/on-air broadcast graphics workflows and provides the necessary system bandwidth for demanding 4K and 5K digital cinema applications.

In this video four 4K SDI outputs sent to AJA Kona 3G card then use DirectGMA technology on AMD FirePro W9100 cards to pass data to the GPU, get processed and pass back out to the AJA SDI output card with no frames of lag . This is true real-time processing of 4k data streams for live broadcasts.

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SCRATCH 8 using OpenGL acceleration on AMD FirePro W9100 to accelerate the entire workflow

Posted by Tony DeYoung on September 24, 2014

Explanation of what’s new in SCRATCH 8 as well as a great demo of how OpenGL GPU acceleration on AMD FirePro cards works throughout the software from video processing, to editing, to compositing to finishing.

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