Using two FirePro cards and CrossFire Pro to dynamically scale performance in Maya - SIGGRAPH 2009

Posted by Tony DeYoung on August 05, 2009

This is the demo I have been waiting to see!  It compares Maya 2009 running on a single FirePro V5700 to Maya 2009 running on two FirePro V5700s using the new CrossFire Pro drivers.  The model being rotated has over 2 million triangles. Using the single FirePro card, the model rotates at about 70 fps. Using CrossFire Pro with two equivalent FirePro cards, the same model frame rate is about 110 fps - in other words, 50% scaling.

Twitter-style take away:  Big gains in Maya performance using CrossFire Pro drivers on FirePro cards.

CrossFire lets you divert all the processing power in both cards to a single modeling window. 3DProfessor reviewed it technically but this is the first demonstration that I have actually seen.


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