SIGGRAPH 2008 AMD Booth Video Gallery

SIGGRAPH 2008 was an amazing show for anyone interested in 3D and visualization. This video gallery is our way to bring a bit of the AMD booth to you. We will be adding more content as we receive it. Enjoy!

Real-time visualization of 350 million polygon CAD model

Interactive (20+fps) visualization of Boeing 777 aircraft CAD model with 350 million polygons and 1 million parts using Sogitec's VorTec Soft running on a FireGL accelerator. Real time display of complex visual mockups can be used for design review, immersive applications, maintainability studies, maintenance simulators, high end marketing presentations, and CBT.

PDF Brochures: VorTec Soft, VorTec Cluster, VorTec Integration

Linux Flight simulation across four 1920 X 1200 displays

Linux FlightGear open-source flight simulator running across 4 displays (each at 1920 X 1200 pixels) driven by 2 FireGL v7600 accelerators.

Complex fluids simulation using the GPU

Test simulation using PhyFluids3D Cinema 4D plug-in running on a FireGL accelerator. The GPU provides a 6x speed up on very large grid sizes (128^3) over quad-core CPU. 6x doesn't sound like much, but using just wireframes it brings the CPU to its knees.

Real-time 3D, the "holy grail" of Computer Generated Imagery

Studio GPU's breakthrough technology - Mach Studio - dramatically changes the traditional production paradigm by reducing production cycles that often take days or weeks down to hours, minutes or even seconds. By taking advantage of the latent processing power of the GPU on the FirePro, Mach Studio is set to completely transform the computer graphics space. This transformation is not simply an incremental shift, but a bold workflow change to the way 3D CG content is created.

Real-time photorealistic visualization for marketing

Works Zebra specializes in creative marketing assets for the automotive industry for both stills and motion. ZEANY is the proprietary production pipeline to accelerate and optimize such content creation. Shown here at Siggraph is ZEANY PHOTO, an application that accelerates still content creation with HDRi/IBL for quick compositing for photo-realistic images used in brochures, print ads and the web. The system is running on an FirePro 7600 and rendering final output with virtual screen buffers as opposed to CPU offline rendering. See Works Zebra for more info.

Dynamically-generated level-of-detail and collision detection

The Froblins demo running on a Radeon 4850 uses DX10.1's global illumination, HDR, lighting and post-processing along with tessellation for frogs-goblins and terrain. The demo shows hundreds of froblins moving around and avoiding each other with dynamic tesselation, LOD, and collision detection calculated on the GPU.

Real-time medical CT scan volume reconstruction

CT-scan volume data reconstructed via repeated iterations (rows) of the RapidMind algorithm running on the FireStream 9250. Image reconstruction occurs with a 40x to 80x performance boost thus enabling near real time image scanning adjustments. Using Stream computing, CT scan data could evolve from a radiologist-run, off-line data collection and analysis exercise to a real-time, physician-led diagnostic instrument. (Columns: 1 - raw CT scanner input data, 2 - initial output (reconstructed result), 3 - "true result" error comparison, 4 - error comparison between output and true result.)

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